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Confidence in God, Your Father

Confidence in God, Your Father Mark Robertson

An inspiring sermon about the assurance you can have in your relationship with your Father God.

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Where Do You Live?

Where Do You Live? Bill Bradford

This insightful message challenges us to consider the state of our Christian faith.

The Mystery of Godliness

The Mystery of Godliness Doug Gray

The nature of God is a controversial topic. Doug Gray examines the Scriptures that inform our understanding us on this important doctrine.

Priorities in Life (The 1st Commandment)

Priorities in Life (The 1st Commandment) Matthew Sieff

Matt Sieff speaks in Brisbane about the importance of the First Commandment.

Righteous Judgement

Righteous Judgement Mark Robertson

Many have misunderstood what Jesus said and have decided to apply justice, mercy and faith without law. Some who think the law is done away think you can still have justice, mercy and faith, but that doesn't sense. How can you apply "justice"— a legal term — if there is no law? How can you apply mercy when there is no reference point?

Is God a Trinity?

Is God a Trinity? Reg Wright

The doctrine of the trinity has wide acceptance through the general Christian world and we can conclude that, as this doctrine is reported to have a significant bearing on our faith, it must be supported by well-documented easy-to-understand Scriptures.

Yet the majority of Christians who believe in this doctrine find it hard to understand, and even more difficult to explain. Reg Wright examines the history of this belief and related Scriptures.

Proof God Exists

Proof God Exists Bruce Dean

Where do we come from? There is no greater question to understand than who is man and the proof of a Great Creator.
We should not avoid the subject of beginnings and the proof of God’s existence.

Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing Bill Bradford

Pastor Bill Bradford speaks in Brisbane on Anzac Day, 2015.  On war, its repercussions and affects in the lives of those involved. Mr Bradford discusses PTSD, strained and abusive relationships, and the need for God's help to move forward to healing.

The One Who Died for Our Sins, Was He Truly God?

The One Who Died for Our Sins, Was He Truly God? Reg Wright

Various beliefs abound about the pre-existence of Jesus Christ. Did He come into existence at His human birth? Has He always existed? In this pre-Passover sermon, Reg Wright examines the Scriptures on this subject to establish a clear biblical reference for our understanding of who Jesus was, and is.

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How Should God's Prophecies Affect You?

How Should God's Prophecies Affect You? Bill Bradford

Bible prophecy has gotten a bad name, but not because it's untrue. The Bible is true and God's prophetic utterances are always true. The problem is how it's been understood and how some people tend to use Bible prophecy. It's  important to understand Bible prophecy and apply Bible prophecy correctly.

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Speaking In Tongues

Speaking In Tongues Reg Wright

This subject of "speaking in tongues" has caused considerable discussion and controversy within the Christian community, with some embracing the phenomenon wholeheartedly, and others strongly opposing it. Some churches emphasise this practice and teach that Christians should hope and pray for the experience of speaking in tongues. Other churches do not encourage speaking in tongues, and some even forbid it.

What does the Bible say about this subject of "speaking in tongues?"

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Holy Days

Holy Days Bill Eddington

Holy Days — Such days must surely be just for the Jews, is a common conclusion. But - is it a correct one? "These are My feasts", proclaims God, in Leviticus 23:2, you shall observe them.

Why did God institute these Holy Days? What is their relevance to a Christian community whose major festivals are Christmas and Easter?

Relationship with Christ Through the Passover

Relationship with Christ Through the Passover Bill Bradford

Bill Bradford talks about the relationship we have with Christ through the Passover, and also examines what the Bible says about the Trinity.

Does the Devil Have a Place?

Does the Devil Have a Place? Bill Bradford

Satan the devil is alive and well. When God created angels, He created them with the power of free choice, with the potential for any of them to choose the alternative to God's way of life - the way of evil. In time, one of the angelic beings — an enormously powerful spirit being — explored the alternative way of life and he finally chose the way of self importance, rather than God's way of love and outgoing concern for others. He, and a multitude of angels who followed him, became the enemy of God and humanity. Find out why he is still here...

The Story Of Satan (#1)

The Story Of Satan (#1) Reg Wright

Does the Devil really exist or, is he a figure of myth and superstition? You need to know what God says about the existence of evil! The Bible does address this issue and reveals much about an unseen power that works behind the scenes, shaping our world to its will and agenda. Are you being taken in?

Find out the answers to the following questions: —Why does so much conflict, violence and down right evil permeate our societies? —Did God create a Devil and why does He allow such evil in the world? —Is the whole world deceived by Satan or, are there exceptions?—What is Satan's primary goal and how can you resist his influence?

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The Story Of Satan (#2)

The Story Of Satan (#2) Reg Wright

There is coming a time when Satan will never again be able to influence the human race, or the family of God, or the angelic host. Satan's power and influence will end. Jesus Christ will rule. This is the really good news pictured by the Day of Atonement, one of God's seven annual holy days.

The Eighth Day

The Eighth Day Trevor Huthnance

Trevor Huthnance explores the meaning of the final day of God's Holy Day plan, also known as the Day of Judgement.

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