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Why "Three Days & Three Nights"? Stephen Clark

The UCG statement of beliefs titles the section relating to Christ's death and resurrection as "Three Days and Three Nights". Why do we use this specific title?

Few take the time to understand this fascinating topic. Listen, as Stephen Clark explains the importance of the phrase in connection with Christ's death and resurrection.

Where Do You Live?

Where Do You Live? Bill Bradford

This insightful message challenges us to consider the state of our Christian faith.

What is Jesus Christ Doing Now?

What is Jesus Christ Doing Now? Peter Eddington

Peter Eddington examines the Scriptures for understanding the many roles the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, is doing today.

The Sadducees

The Sadducees Mark Robertson

Why didn't the Sadducees believe in a resurrection? History tells us that the Sadducees were a small group of the highest echelons of society at the time of Jesus Christ. They are not that well known, are not mentioned in the Bible very much and disappeared from history after the destruction of the temple in 70AD.

This is My Blood Shed for You

This is My Blood Shed for You Bill Bradford

A sermon considering the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf.

Righteous Judgement

Righteous Judgement Mark Robertson

Many have misunderstood what Jesus said and have decided to apply justice, mercy and faith without law. Some who think the law is done away think you can still have justice, mercy and faith, but that doesn't sense. How can you apply "justice"— a legal term — if there is no law? How can you apply mercy when there is no reference point?

Is God a Trinity?

Is God a Trinity? Reg Wright

The doctrine of the trinity has wide acceptance through the general Christian world and we can conclude that, as this doctrine is reported to have a significant bearing on our faith, it must be supported by well-documented easy-to-understand Scriptures.

Yet the majority of Christians who believe in this doctrine find it hard to understand, and even more difficult to explain. Reg Wright examines the history of this belief and related Scriptures.

Why the Church?

Why the Church? Bill Eddington

In Matthew 16:18 Christ declared I will build My church. And He went on to state that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. Where and what is the Church Christ built? Who is a part of it?

The One Who Died for Our Sins, Was He Truly God?

The One Who Died for Our Sins, Was He Truly God? Reg Wright

Various beliefs abound about the pre-existence of Jesus Christ. Did He come into existence at His human birth? Has He always existed? In this pre-Passover sermon, Reg Wright examines the Scriptures on this subject to establish a clear biblical reference for our understanding of who Jesus was, and is.

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Relationship with Christ Through the Passover

Relationship with Christ Through the Passover Bill Bradford

Bill Bradford talks about the relationship we have with Christ through the Passover, and also examines what the Bible says about the Trinity.

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