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Holy Days Bill Eddington

10 December 2010
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Holy Days

Holy Days — Such days must surely be just for the Jews, is a common conclusion. But - is it a correct one? "These are My feasts", proclaims God, in Leviticus 23:2, you shall observe them.

Why did God institute these Holy Days? What is their relevance to a Christian community whose major festivals are Christmas and Easter?

Holidays is a word we readily understand, and for most of us it conjures up very pleasant images indeed. But Holy Days (the words from which holiday is derived) - that's something else entirely. Especially when coupled with the book of Leviticus, in the Old Testament, Such days must surely be just for the Jews is a common conclusion.  But - is it a correct one?

These are My feasts proclaims God, in Leviticus 23:2.

His instructions to ancient Israel, whose descendants are alive and well on planet Earth today, were clear and straightforward: You shall observe them - and the entire chapter is devoted to exactly how and when these festivals are to be kept. But why did God institute these Holy Days? And if Christ did not intend them to be a significant part of the New Testament era, why did He keep them? And why are they mentioned in Acts and Corinthians as being highly relevant to 1st century Christians? What is their connection to a Christian community whose major festivals are Christmas and Easter?

These questions and more are answered in this sermon.

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