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What is Your Image of God?

What is Your Image of God? Steve Clark

We each have a perspective of God and how He relates to us and what He is doing with us. Is your image of God accurate?

In this sermon Melbourne Pastor Steve Clark offers a biblically-based perspective of God, and shows how it can change how we live and our relationship with Him.


Why "Three Days & Three Nights"? Stephen Clark

The UCG statement of beliefs titles the section relating to Christ's death and resurrection as "Three Days and Three Nights". Why do we use this specific title?

Few take the time to understand this fascinating topic. Listen, as Stephen Clark explains the importance of the phrase in connection with Christ's death and resurrection.

Where Do You Live?

Where Do You Live? Bill Bradford

This insightful message challenges us to consider the state of our Christian faith.

Why the Laws of Clean & Unclean?

Why the Laws of Clean & Unclean? Mark Robertson

Mark examines the purposes of the Biblical Laws relating to the 'Clean & Unclean'.

What is Jesus Christ Doing Now?

What is Jesus Christ Doing Now? Peter Eddington

Peter Eddington examines the Scriptures for understanding the many roles the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, is doing today.

Working Righteousness

Working Righteousness Paul Vaughan

Paul Vaughan speaks about being a 'worker' or 'righteousness', what that means, and why it's of central importance to anyone who wants to share a personal relationship with God.

Why I Attend Church

Why I Attend Church Reg Wright

Jesus said, I will build My Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. But what is His Church? It means the group, or body of people who have been called out by God and form an assembly of believers. This assembly of believers is the Church -- which Christ said He would build. It is within the Church that you can be moulded and shaped by Christ - to be fit and ready for service when He returns.

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Why the Church?

Why the Church? Bill Eddington

In Matthew 16:18 Christ declared I will build My church. And He went on to state that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. Where and what is the Church Christ built? Who is a part of it?

Why Do We Fast?

Why Do We Fast? Bill Bradford

People in the Bible fasted in order to seek God's will and direction in their lives at certain crisis points.

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The United Church of God encourages loving and faithful obedience to the Creator God our Father, with the hope and promise of Salvation made possible through Jesus Christ. We learn about God and His desire for mankind though the revelation of His Law and the rest of inspired Scripture, as taught and interpretted by Jesus. We teach love toward our fellowman without regard to race or creed.

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