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Thyatira - Truth or Tolerance?

Thyatira - Truth or Tolerance? Joe Rivers

This sermon examines the important lessons we can learn for our time from the ancient church in Thyatira, as described in the Book of Revelation.

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The 10th Commandment

The 10th Commandment Doug Gray

On the importance of the last of the 10 commandments.

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There Is No Substitute

There Is No Substitute Scott Jennings

Scott examines an OT account of the lessons learned by replacing the feasts of the Lord with counterfeits.

The Mystery of Godliness

The Mystery of Godliness Doug Gray

The nature of God is a controversial topic. Doug Gray examines the Scriptures that inform our understanding us on this important doctrine.

The Sadducees

The Sadducees Mark Robertson

Why didn't the Sadducees believe in a resurrection? History tells us that the Sadducees were a small group of the highest echelons of society at the time of Jesus Christ. They are not that well known, are not mentioned in the Bible very much and disappeared from history after the destruction of the temple in 70AD.

This is My Blood Shed for You

This is My Blood Shed for You Bill Bradford

A sermon considering the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf.

The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness Stephen Clark

"We have various tools in our spiritual tool kit. However, there is one that in reality is the most powerful. The challenge is: Are we using it?"

Are we availing ourselves of one of God's greatest gifts to us, and in the process, growing and edifying our relationships by utilising this same gift? The Father is reconciling us to Himself through the shed blood of Jesus. He is making peace with us. How much peace are we prepared to make?

The Amazing Story of Christ's Birth

The Amazing Story of Christ's Birth Reg Wright

Millions of people the world over will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th, one of the busiest celebrations in the Christian world. It is traditional to go to church on Christmas day, or perhaps the evening before. For the Christian world in general Christmas is one the most important events in its religious calendar. For members of the Church of God it is exactly the opposite. Why is this so?

The Leaven of Hypocrisy

The Leaven of Hypocrisy Stephen Clark

We have a significant dislike for hypocrisy. Yet, could we be guilty of this sin in ways we don't recognise? Could we have allowed "a piece of furniture" to remain in our house that is wholly inconsistent with the other Godly furnishings? Could we even find ourselves, much like the Pharisees, staunchly defending this "piece of furniture" that in truth does not belong at all? Is there leaven that we don't recognise anymore?

The One Who Died for Our Sins, Was He Truly God?

The One Who Died for Our Sins, Was He Truly God? Reg Wright

Various beliefs abound about the pre-existence of Jesus Christ. Did He come into existence at His human birth? Has He always existed? In this pre-Passover sermon, Reg Wright examines the Scriptures on this subject to establish a clear biblical reference for our understanding of who Jesus was, and is.

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The Firstfruits in Prophecy

The Firstfruits in Prophecy Bill Bradford

The Day of Pentecost, is also called 'The Feast of Firstfruits". Why does God, in His Plan, have "firstfruits"? What does it mean to be among the firstfruits?

The Holy Spirit as Living Water in Our Lives

The Holy Spirit as Living Water in Our Lives Reg Wright

Reg Wright speaks about the practical reality of the Holy Spirit, and what it means for us.

The Story Of Satan (#1)

The Story Of Satan (#1) Reg Wright

Does the Devil really exist or, is he a figure of myth and superstition? You need to know what God says about the existence of evil! The Bible does address this issue and reveals much about an unseen power that works behind the scenes, shaping our world to its will and agenda. Are you being taken in?

Find out the answers to the following questions: —Why does so much conflict, violence and down right evil permeate our societies? —Did God create a Devil and why does He allow such evil in the world? —Is the whole world deceived by Satan or, are there exceptions?—What is Satan's primary goal and how can you resist his influence?

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The Story Of Satan (#2)

The Story Of Satan (#2) Reg Wright

There is coming a time when Satan will never again be able to influence the human race, or the family of God, or the angelic host. Satan's power and influence will end. Jesus Christ will rule. This is the really good news pictured by the Day of Atonement, one of God's seven annual holy days.

The Eighth Day

The Eighth Day Trevor Huthnance

Trevor Huthnance explores the meaning of the final day of God's Holy Day plan, also known as the Day of Judgement.

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