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Science and God need not conflict!

A scientific understanding of our world and how it works reveals the genius of a Creator. Never before in history has God been so clearly seen through incredible scientific discoveries.

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Our Special Edition includes

• 7 Scientific proofs of God
• Creation according to Plan
• The Return to the God Hypothesis
• Evolution, an article of Faith

Beyond Today

A Magazine of Understanding

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Gain Understanding

Gain Understanding

Beyond Today articles focus on the cause and solution to many of the problems we face globally, nationally and personally.
Be Informed

Be Informed

Beyond Today uses biblical history and prophecy to help explain our present world.
Grow Spiritually

Grow Spiritually

Beyond Today examines practical issues for the thinking Christian to help you build confidence in the Word of God.
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Beyond Today is the flagship publication of the United Church of God, an International Association, and also a television program.

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