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What If Sodom Has Been Found?
  • January–February 2022
  • The scientific field of archaeology has not only confirmed the existence of many people and places mentioned in the Bible, it has also proven the Bible to be correct in many details large and small. A recent scientific analysis of 15 seasons of excavation at a site in the Jordan Valley appears to be stunning verification of one of the Bible’s most remarkable stories— the sudden and catastrophic destruction of Sodom as punishment for its heinous sins. This issue covers that remarkable story and what we should learn from it. It also shows how other evidence from archaeology shows that the Bible is indeed an accurate and trustworthy historical document—a book we can and must believe! Read about this and other fascinating topics in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today.

    Beyond Today Magazine

    What If Sodom Has Been Found?

    January–February 2022
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    What If Sodom Has Been Found?

    What's in this Issue

    What If Sodom Has Been Found?

    Fifteen seasons of excavation at an enormous archaeological site in the Jordan River Valley have yielded remarkable evidence of an ancient city-destroying cataclysm. Could this be proof of the biblical story of Sodom? What does it mean for us today?

    The Location of Sodom: What Does the Bible Say?

    Is the biblical story of Sodom real or only a fanciful myth? When we examine the biblical evidence, it reveals a consistent story about a specific location—one that may prove to be ancient Sodom itself.

    Are We Returning to Sodom?

    Sodom and its neighboring city of Gomorrah have long been seen as examples of God’s judgment on degeneracy and evil. With what could prove to be the discovery of ancient Sodom and evidence of its fiery destruction as described in the Bible, we should ask a key question: Are we returning to Sodom?

    Believe the Bible—and Its Warnings!

    The pattern we see again and again in the Bible is that God sends a warning message before destruction. He doesn’t want to see mankind suffer; He wants us to repent of our sins—to change direction and seek Him.

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