Good Friday + Easter Sunday: It Doesn't Add Up!
  • March-April 2023
  • Have you ever considered how much the Easter holiday just doesn’t add up? Start with the timing: Jesus said He would be in the tomb three days and three nights. But do the math—a Good Friday crucifixion to a resurrection on Sunday morning is at most only one day and small parts of two others, plus two nights. Also, John’s Gospel tells us Jesus was already resurrected before sunrise, so we can’t count that part of a day. Does the Bible offer a solution? Yes, and when we understand it, everything adds up perfectly! But that’s not all that doesn’t add up about the Easter holiday. What do rabbits, colored eggs and sunrise religious services have to do with Jesus Christ’s resurrection? Discover the fascinating historical truth about all this and much more in this issue of Beyond Today!

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    Good Friday + Easter Sunday: It Doesn't Add Up!

    March-April 2023
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    Good Friday + Easter Sunday: It Doesn't Add Up!

    What's in this Issue

    “When You Walk Through a Storm . . .”

    Do you remember this song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”? It’s hard to hold your head up high while going through the storms of life.

    Are More Waking Up to the Feasts of the Lord?

    Curiosity is growing among believers in Jesus about the festivals of the Bible. Will more come to accept them as part of Christian faith and practice? Will you?

    Would You Stand With Polycarp?

    A long-time elder who remained faithful to apostolic teaching and practice, including God’s festivals, is brought to the arena to reject Christ or die. Would you choose as he did?

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