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Welcome to the online radio station for United Church of God, now streaming 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Listen to booklet and magazine readings, Bible readings, Bible Q&As, Sermons, Bible class lectures, podcasts, the BT Daily series, and more!

Take us with you as you travel, and listen via your mobile device. Simply search at your app store for "UCG Radio" to install the free app.


Q. How can a person hear the radio station?
A. The audio is streamed over the Internet.  It can be heard via the embedded player on our website and also via mobile devices (Android and Apple) with the free app installed.  The station may also be listed on indexes for streaming radio.

Q. How do you get and use the mobile app?
A. The mobile apps are freely available from the app stores. 

  Google Android devices running Android software v5.0+ will find the app available at the Google PlayStore by searching for “UCG Radio”, or click on the button below.  The icon will appear.  Click to Install, then Open the app and enjoy.

  Apple iPhone will find the app available at the iTunes AppStore by searching for “UCG Radio”, or click on the button below.  The icon will appear.  Click to install, then Open the app and enjoy.


  Once installed, position the app icon in a handy place on your phone desktop for easy access.

Q. At what bandwidth quality does the station broadcast?
A. The station broadcasts an MP3 audio stream at 128 kbps.

Q.  How much user data does the UCG streaming radio use?
A.  In a standard stream, 1 listener uses 0.05 GB (56.25 MB) of bandwidth per 1 hour (3600 seconds).  However, mobile devices may be set to “Adaptive” to use half this amount.
      Similarly, 1 listener, listening all day (24hours) on a standard stream would use 1.32 GB of data.       (See bandwidth calculator at internet radio bandwidth calculator)

Position the app icon in a handy place on your phone desktop for easy access.

Q. Do I use data when the player is paused?
A. No, unless the audio is actually playing, you will not be using any data.

Q. Do you know who and how many people are listening?
A. Currently we are able to identify listeners by their country, and gather statistics for the programs that were listened to.  We do not know who or even in what city a listener resides.

Q. How many people can listen at the same time?
A. The station can have unlimited users, though a ceiling of 10,000 concurrent listeners appears to be a limit at any one time.  We look forward to testing that number!

Q. What other limits does the station have?
A. Our radio station itself has an overall limit of 50TB of streaming data per month.  This provides a total of approximately 900,000 listening hours per month, statistically combining the time spent by each listener.

Q. Who should I contact in relation to what I hear on the radio?
A. Send us an email at feedback@ucgradio.info.  While much of the spoken content has been sourced from United Church of God websites, it is possible that a statement was made in error, either in a sermon, in a lecture, or that the church teaching has improved in a particular area.  Please let us know if you hear something amiss and we will aim to correct it immediately.

Similarly, if you have an issue with a song, or lyric of a song, contact us via feedback@ucgradio.info, and we will endeavour to investigate the issue as soon as possible. 
Please bear with us as musical styles appeal to different ages and tastes, and despite this subjectivity we have tried to create a music library that reflects the church’s teachings and culture, that also has broad appeal, while also allowing some for specialised categories, ages, and feature programs.  The goal is to uplift, inspire and teach.


Q. When does the station broadcast?
A. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Q. Who can hear the station?
A. Anyone with access to the internet can hear the station, though some location restrictions are in place due to music licensing.

Q. Can I hear the station on my car radio?
A. If your car radio is linked to a device connected to the internet, yes! Our station is streamed over the internet, not over the airwaves. Use our free mobile app to stream the station anywhere you have internet access.

Q. Does my mobile use as much data as my laptop?
A. No, the stream is optimised for mobile devices.

Q. Where can I view a program schedule?
A. Currently our radio service doesn't provide a convenient way to export the schedule in text format, but we have created an image, available here.  
Please note that any schedule is subject to alterations and change, and should be used only as a general guide.  With varying times for each lectures or reading, sermon, the schedule times will vary greatly and some events will be overrun.


Q. Where do you get your program content?
A. Most of the content played on the station is sourced from the UCG archives and websites. We have also sourced music recordings we are legally able to play.

Q. Is the music you play covered by licencing?
A. Yes, we have purchased the royalty free music to use with our station.  For some music, we have also been granted permission by its owners.

Q. From how far afield can people tune in to the station?
A. There are no restrictions we are aware of.

Q. Where did you get the music for the station?
A. The music has been purchased from suppliers.  In time we plan to expand our collection of quality royalty free music. 

Q. Can I download the stream?
A. No, the stream is not downloadable.

Q. How do I know what I am listening to?
A. The Title, Artist and Album of the track is indicated in the player.

Q. Why don’t the lectures, article readings, etc play in order?
A. There are two main reasons.  One is technical – it is currently not possible to play tracks from a set of recordings in order, only random play is possible.  The second reason is that people are tuning in at various times of the day, and finding the station for the first time.  Few people will have the option to listen in at the same regular time to a particular class to do the class in order.  If a person wishes to listen to a series in order, the series are generally available elsewhere on the internet where they can be downloaded.

Q. Why is the schedule different to what is playing?
A. Now we are getting technical!  Our program content is not comprised of timed segments like many radio stations.  The time allotted for playing a particular chapter, or reading, sermon or lecture, is indicative to the shortest possible time, and as such, the current track may overrun the following item on the schedule.


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The United Church of God encourages loving and faithful obedience to the Creator God our Father, with the hope and promise of Salvation made possible through Jesus Christ. We learn about God and His desire for mankind though the revelation of His Law and the rest of inspired Scripture, as taught and interpretted by Jesus. We teach love toward our fellowman without regard to race or creed.

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