The Russian Bear Awakens
May-June 2015

The Russian Bear Awakens

In this issue, read a personal perspective about what's going on in Russia and Ukraine and what your response should be in the light of Bible prophecy. In the "Exploring God's Word" section, learn more about the power of the Holy Spirit and how your life can be transformed by knowing your future destiny.

Also, understand the conditions of God's gift of salvation and the gift of forgiveness. Download the PDF version of this issue of The Good News as you wait for the individual web articles to be posted in the upcoming days.


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The Russian Bear Awakens
May - June 2015

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What's in this Issue

An Age of Growing Chaos

Bruised by two long wars, America began a retreat. Not surprisingly, others rushed into the vacuum.

The Russian Bear Reawakens

Russia’s recent actions in Ukraine follow a long history of imperialist oppression. Are these events leading the world back to the brink of nuclear extinction?

Russia's Geographic Outlook

Russia often doesn’t make sense to the West.

Ukraine: A Personal Look at a Country in Crisis

We should give attention to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine—what’s behind it, where it may lead and the terrible human toll being paid. Here is some needed perspective from one with personal ties to the region.

Where Does Russia Fit in End-Time Bible Prophecy?

More than two decades after the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia is very much back in the news—and not in a good way. Recent aggressive moves are raising fears of a renewed Russian expansionism. How might this play out in Bible prophecy?

Are We in a Dangerous Age of Appeasement?

Two significant powers, Russia and Iran, are throwing their weight around and taking over nearby territory. But rather than stand up to them, Western powers—especially the United States—meekly acquiesce. The parallels with the pre–World War II appeasement of Adolf Hitler are striking.

The Power of the Holy Spirit

Is your life ruled by fear and uncertainty? Do you feel disconnected from God and unsure of how to improve your life? Learn how God’s Spirit can powerfully transform your life.

Current Events & Trends: Russian and American dominance predicted by character assessment

For half a century after World War II the world was divided in two in terms of international power—split between the American-led free world and the Russian-led Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc.

Current Events & Trends: Atlanta educators guilty of cheating

In early April 2015 a group of educators in Atlanta, Georgia, were found guilty in one of the largest cheating scandals in U.S. history.

Current Events & Trends: Religious freedom law decried

The state of Indiana recently passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) to ensure that people operating businesses are not compelled to act against their religious convictions.

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  • Time of the End?

    Time of the End?


    Many Bible prophecies leave us in no doubt that increasingly cataclysmic events will occur before God's direct intervention in human affairs. The crucial question is, 'When?'. In this booklet we examine exactly what Jesus Christ, His apostles and the prophets of old really said about the perilous days they referred to as 'the time of the end'.

  • God's Purpose for Prophecy

    God's Purpose for Prophecy


    This issue examines how history and prophecy will have a far greater impact on us than we might realise. Do the ancient prophecies really foretell the future, and how can we know? – The answers may surprise you.

  • The Final Superpower

    The Final Superpower


    Bible prophecy reveals one more wordly superpower before the return of Jesus Christ, that will rule with force and ferocity like none before. Its fall will come when Jesus Christ returns to establish the Kingdom of God—the final superpower the world will ever see.

  • The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy

    The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy


    Does the Bible tell us what lies ahead for the United States and British Commonwealth, including Australia? What are the real origins of the American and British peoples? The answers to these questions are both interesting and surprising! The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy, a free, 110 page full colour booklet, will help you better understand the answers to these questions and more, including the relevance of many current events.

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