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Bible Study Course

Bible Study Course
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Free 12-lesson Bible Study Course

Study the BibleLife can be hard
— The Manual doesn't have to be!

The Bible is filled with advice to help you in your career, marriage, family relationships, finances, friendships, and every other major aspect of life. But for many people, understanding the Bible can be difficult. It doesn't have to be! Discover life's answers in this free Bible Study Course.

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This study course isn't just about the Bible. It's about life itself. Why were you born? What is the purpose of life? What is your destiny? What lies ahead for our world and for your family and loved ones?

Discover the answers to these and many other vital questions. Each new lesson takes you through a major theme of the Bible. And it's absolutely free, with no hidden cost or obligation.  Start today!

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Start your journey now to understand the main themes of the Bible with Lesson 1— Why the Bible is the Word of God.  Each lesson ends with a review to evaluate what you have learned. Do the lessons at your own pace.  

Before you start, you may wish to first test your Bible knowledge with our quick QUIZ


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Alternatively if you would prefer to have the Bible study course mailed to you, simply request your own print copy of Lesson 1, free of charge, using the button below.  

If you have questions after completing a lesson, contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

What's Inside


  • Publisher: United Church of God, An International Association
  • Paperback: 12 Lessons
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The United Church of God encourages loving and faithful obedience to the Creator God our Father, with the hope and promise of Salvation made possible through Jesus Christ. We learn about God and His desire for mankind though the revelation of His Law and the rest of inspired Scripture, as taught and interpretted by Jesus. We teach love toward our fellowman without regard to race or creed.

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