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Bible and Archaeology #2

Bible and Archaeology #2

Evidence from archaeology is one great proof of biblical accuracy, and it is the focus of this series of articles. We offer you a sampling of the evidence that is available—documentation showing that details of the people, places and events described in the Bible—many of them mentioned only in passing—have been verified by archaeologists and historians. Many excellent books have been published in recent years that verify the dependability of Scripture, and no doubt more will follow as new discoveries come to light.

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The Downfall of Judah—Exile to Babylon

We continue with an examination of the last years of Judah as a kingdom.

The Kingdom of Judah—Exile and Restoration

In this issue we pick up the story with conditions and circumstances that allowed the descendants of the Kingdom of Judah to return to their homeland.

The Intertestamental Period—Daniel's Prophecies Come to Pass

As the period covered by the Old Testament drew to a close, Daniel wrote a series of prophecies about events that would soon transform the Middle East. Read how his astounding prophecies were fulfilled in remarkable detail.

Jesus Christ—The Early Years

For years critics of the Bible viewed the historical accounts of the Gospels as little more than a fraud. However, a wealth of archaeological discoveries paints a picture that confirms many of the details surrounding Christ's birth.

Jesus Christ's Early Ministry

In the September-October Good News we examined historical and archaeological evidence that helps us better understand the time in Judea when Jesus Christ was born and grew up in the household of Joseph and Mary. We continue with the beginning of the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus Christ's Later Ministry

Archaeological findings shed light on and confirm the accuracy of historical details recorded for us in the Gospels.

Jesus Christ's Arrest, Trial and Crucifixion

In the four Gospels no period of Christ's ministry is more detailed than the last few days when He was arrested, tried and crucified as a common crimina. What have archaeologists found that confirm and illuminate many of the details of Jesus' last days on earth?

The Book of Acts—The Church Begins

After decades of examining the details mentioned in Acts, Sir William Ramsay concluded: "Luke is a historian of the first rank; not merely are his statements of fact trustworthy, he is possessed of the true historic sense . . . In short this author should be placed along with the very greatest of historians."

The Book of Acts—The Message Spreads

Thanks to the modern tools of archaeology, researchers have found much cultural, historical and geographical background material that supports the biblical account of Paul's trips through the Mediterranean world.

The Book of Acts—Paul's Later Travels

Thanks to the modern tools of archaeology, researchers have found much cultural, historical and geographical background material that supports the biblical account of Paul's trips through the Mediterranean world.

Archaeology and the Epistles

How accurate are the epistles from an archaeological and historical point of view? We can be thankful that much background information is available about these writings that confirms their authenticity.

The Book of Revelation—History and Prophecy

Many people view Revelation, sometimes called the Apocalypse, as a mysterious book of strange symbols and images. Yet it has a clear and definite historical background.

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