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5 Keys to a Happy Family

5 Keys to a Happy Family

January - February 2014

The January-February 2014 edition of The Good News highlights what you can do in building a happy family.

If you apply the five keys covered here to having a happier family, you can help make your family secure, service-oriented and successful. This leads us into the ultimate purpose of the family, a lesson that transcends time and cultures.

Topics Include:

What's Inside

Jan-Feb 2014 Issue:

1 What's the Purpose of Family?

2 Five Keys to a Happy Family

3 The Ultimate Purpose of the Family

4 Why Are Young Christians Divorcing?

5 Love Is Something That We Do

6 Will You Wait for Each Other?

7 Our Wounded Children: Who Will Make It Right?

8 Prepare Your Child to Follow Christ

9 Why the Massive Decline in America's Prestige?

10 What's Behind America's Growing Dependency Society?

11 Dependence, Independence and Helping Those in Need

12 Follow Me... Beyond Our Personal Patmos

13 How Is God's Work Supported?

14 God Is Calling - Will You Answer?

15 Mini-Bible Study: Crucial Lessons From Knowing God as Our Creator

16 Valentine's Day: What's Wrong With Showing Love?

17 Current Events & Trends: Raising the global alarm

18 Current Events & Trends: Navigating the Middle East minefield

19 Current Events & Trends: U.S. presidential leadership called into question

20 Current Events & Trends: European far right reemerges

21 Current Events & Trends: Russia flexes its muscles

22 Current Events & Trends: Typhoons, tornadoes and cyclones

23 Letters From Our Readers - January/February 2014


  • Publisher: United Church of God, An International Association

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