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Lesson 1
Why the Bible is the Word of God

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Lesson 1
Why the Bible is the Word of God    

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Why the Bible is the Word of God

Our secular society has come to the point where, as a whole, it basically ignores the Bible as the instruction book for personal character.

Truth has become relative in this age. In the energetic pursuit of material possessions and pleasures, humans are ignoring their spiritual development.

This introductory lesson addresses the questions of God's existence, why humans were created in the first place, and an overview of the Bible itself.

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What's in this Lesson

Introduction: Bible Study Course Lesson 1 - Why The Bible is the Word of God

For many millions, God's Word is unexplored and uncharted territory. Yet the Bible is not only designed to help humans beings cope in a world caught up in all kinds of crisis.

The Bible is not only designed to help human beings cope in a world caught up in all kinds of crises. It contains the good news of the coming Kingdom of God.

In this Bible study lesson we will walk through some of the most intriguing and inspiring portions of the Bible, seeking to discover the real purpose for our being.

Here are a few helpful points that will help you get the most out of this Bible study course lesson.

The Bible was not designed to be read casually as simply good literature, or as a contribution to our historical learning, or even as an interesting exercise in academic theology. The purpose for reading and studying God's Word is to gain understanding of His will, to learn to live by His Word.

Is God real to us? Even the best of us occasionally behaves as if God is powerless to deal with our misdeeds: unable to forgive, free us from guilt and set us back on the right path.

Many writers authored the Bible and the perceptive reader gradually becomes aware of one great mind at work permeating its pages from Genesis to Revelation.

The Bible is the book about relationships. It emphasizes the most important relationship any human being can have with God Himself! It shows how reconciliation with God leads to a right restoration of our relationships with other human beings.

What is our purpose on earth? What is our future?

Is it possible for modern technology to ultimately transcend our feeble human limitations?

It is evident that we live in an uncertain world. As mortal human beings, our one certainty is death. Does God promise something better for us?

The omnipotent, all-knowing, invisible God has to be worshiped in spirit and in truth because He is Spirit not by religious imagery.

Pesonal quotes from individuals who are believers in God.

Pesonal quotes from individuals who are believers in the Bible.

If you have any questions or comments about the material presented in this Bible study lesson, please feel free to contact the United Church of God.

A listing of books in the Bible.

Glossary of Biblical terms.

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