Who Was Jesus?
  • March-April 2014
  • The March-April 2014 edition of The Good News aims to give insight and understanding into the person and ministry of Jesus Christ.

    Where did Jesus Christ come from? Who was He? This is a mystery that far too few really understand. Do you? It does matter - your future and your salvation depend on it!

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    Who Was Jesus?
    March - April 2014

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    Who Was Jesus?
    • Jesus Christ

      Jesus Christ


      Did Jesus do what the records show? Was He, is He, really who He claimed to be? Can it be proved historically? Or are we left to simply accept it on blind faith?
      This booklet seeks to address and answer the major questions that intelligent, reasoning people naturally ask in trying to understand Jesus Christ--the real story.

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    • Relationship with Christ Through the Passover

    • Easter



      Many believing Christians celebrate Easter as a way to honour Jesus Christ's resurrection. But Easter is a day with very different roots—stretching long ago into pre-Christian paganism. The Bible alone has the truth of Jesus' life, death and resurrection, and it shows a different set of celebrations—the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread—that give us the real story that Easter doesn't tell us.