What Is Real Leadership?
  • September-October 2016
  • Our world desperately needs real leadership! Why is it so hard to find? One reason is that we fail to understand what the Bible reveals is at the heart of true leadership. The time is coming when the world will experience the right kind of leadership—as exemplified by Jesus Christ Himself! In this issue you’ll also learn what that coming new age will be like and how you can be a part of it. Subscribe, read online, or download this issue in PDF.

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    What Is Real Leadership?
    September–October 2016

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    What Is Real Leadership?

    What's in this Issue

    What Is Real Leadership?

    However, many citizens of the nation—and the world as a whole—await the outcome not with eager anticipation, but with considerable trepidation.

    As a nation and a world cry out in desperation for right leadership, why is real leadership so hard to find? What makes a real leader, and will the world ever see the right kind of leadership?

    A Little-Known Feast of the Bible

    Curiously, it’s a biblical celebration that most people who say they follow the Bible have never heard of. Yet it’s right there in the pages of Scripture, listed among the holy celebrations God calls “My feasts” in Leviticus 23:1. Notice that God calls them His feasts, not the feasts of the Jews or the feasts of Israel.

    Other articles include:

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