The War to End All Wars
  • Why can't we find peace?
  • September-October 2018
  • World War I, which ended a century ago, was so brutally horrifying that it was soon called “The War to End All Wars.” Yet it was anything but. It was followed a generation later by World War II, and countless wars since then. What is the root cause of war? Can mankind ever find peace? Be sure to read this issue to understand the answers!  Download this issue in PDF or read online.

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    The War to End All Wars
    September - October 2018

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    The War to End All Wars

    What's in this Issue

    Will We Ever Achieve Peace?

    How Will War End?

    Jesus Christ’s 1,000-Year Reign on Earth

    Spanish Flu: The Pandemic That Changed the World

    Shocking Teachings of Jesus: The Kingdom of God

    No Man Left Behind

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