The Exodus Plagues:
Judgment on Egypt's Gods
  • March-April 2019
  • From a biblical standpoint, this is a very significant time of year. It reminds us of ancient Israel’s miraculous deliverance from Egyptian slavery, of the Passover commemoration, of the symbols Jesus Christ instituted as the ultimate Passover “Lamb of God” who gave His life for the sins of the whole world, and the fact that He is the “Firstborn from the dead” showing us how we, too, may receive eternal life in God’s family. The articles in this issue cover these and other themes important to those who take the Bible seriously. We hope you’ll read them and take them seriously too! Download this issue in PDF or read online.

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    The Exodus Plagues: Judgment on Egypt’s Gods

    March – April 2019

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    Judgment on Egypt's Gods

    What's in this Issue

    The Exodus Plagues: Judgment on Egypt’s Gods

    “Christ, Our Passover”

    Christians Who Don’t Celebrate Easter: What Do They Know?

    Easter is the most important holiday for hundreds of millions of believers around the world. Yet thousands of Christians don’t observe it. Do they know something that others don’t?

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