Jesus Christ in the Biblical Festivals
  • September-October 2014
  • Jesus Christ in the Biblical Festivals

    The Sep-Oct 2014 edition of The Good News focuses on Jesus Christ and His role as Prince of Peace.  If Jesus of Nazareth is indeed the Prince of Peace as the prophecies declare, why does the world see so little of it? What part of the picture are we missing? If He truly is the Prince of Peace, how will peace come? Where is that hope in a world so devoid of hope?

    The answer to these questions lies in a series of little-known festivals revealed long ago in the world's best-selling book—the Bible. God doesn't leave us in the dark about the solution to our many seemingly unsolvable problems. He has given us the key to understanding—though most have ignored or lived in ignorance of it!


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    Jesus Christ in the Biblical Festivals
    September - October 2014

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