Is This How We Live Forever?
  • March–April 2024
  • What is the secret of human consciousness? Modern science and technology have been attempting to duplicate it through artificial intelligence. Some even dream of transferring human minds over to computers as the means to living into eternity. But this discounts a vital nonmaterial component of the human mind—what the Bible refers to as the spirit in man. It is this spirit that imparts human intellect to the human brain, also enabling moral choices. Most who accept a spiritual aspect to human existence think in terms of an “immortal soul.” But the Bible does not teach that. Yet it does speak of future life beyond death and reveals the actual way to live forever. That involves moral choices and the work of a Savior to redeem us from our past wrong choices ending in death—and His help to lead us forward into new life. Be sure to read this issue of Beyond Today to help you in finding the true way to eternal life.

    You need to read this issue of Beyond Today. We all need a biblical understanding of the spirit in man!

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    Is This How We Live Forever?

    March-April 2024
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    Is This How We Live Forever?

    What's in this Issue

    Why You Don’t Have an Immortal Soul

    God told the first human beings, Adam and Eve, that if they sinned, they would die and return to the dust from which they came (Genesis 2:17; 3:19). But Satan craftily influenced Eve to believe that God was lying and that she and Adam would not die (Genesis 3:4). It was from this starting point that the devil launched a nefarious campaign to deceive all future generations on this and many other subjects. .

    What do the Hebrew Scriptures teach about the soul?

    In Western philosophy, the notion that people have immortal souls has been commonly accepted, with the accompanying idea of going to heaven or hell at death hinging on this belief. But what does the Bible say? The phrase “immortal soul” is found nowhere within its pages! The Hebrew word translated “soul” in Scripture, nephesh, basically means “a breathing creature.” The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible explains that nephesh “ . . . never means the immortal soul, but it is essentially the life principle or the living being” (Vol. 4, 1962, “Soul,” emphasis added throughout). This can be seen in the way the Bible employs the term. The word nephesh is used of animals, fish and insects before its first reference to human beings.

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