How You Can Have
A Lasting Marriage
  • November–December 2018
  • Why is marriage important? For centuries, marriage has been the bedrock of families and civilization. Now we are seeing marriage under attack from all sides. What’s behind the attack on marriage? And what can you do to strengthen your marriage and make it last? Be sure to read this issue to understand the answers! Download this issue in PDF or read online.

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    How You Can Have A Lasting Marriage
    November - December 2018

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    A Lasting Marriage

    What's in this Issue

    How to Make Your Marriage Last

    Why Does Marriage Matter?

    What Is God’s Family Model?

    As the family goes, so goes a nation. The family model undergirds all peace-loving societies. It was instituted by God for a grand purpose and will live on forever!

    Sex, Sin and the Pursuit of Purity

    The War on Marriage and Family

    The Decline of the American Male

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