Evolution: An Article of Faith
July-August 2016

Evolution: An Article of Faith

The fossil evidence still fails to support Darwin's theory — showing people accept Darwinian evolution more as an article of faith rather than fact.


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Evolution: An Article of Faith
July–August 2016

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What's in this Issue

Evolution: An Article of Faith

Answers From a Famous Ex-Atheist About God

A Scientist’s Journey to God

An Evolutionary Fantasy: Useless Body Parts?

Is the Bible True?

What Made Britain Great? And How Did It All Go Wrong?


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  • Creation or Evolution?

    Creation or Evolution?


    In this booklet we examine the foundational premises of evolution. We consider the evidence evolutionists cite to support the theory. Perhaps most important, we look at the scientific facts evolutionists don't discuss in public for reasons that will become clear.
    You can know whether evolution is true. We hope you'll examine the evidence carefully. What you believe does matter.

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