D-Day +75 Years:
  • What Should We Learn?
  • May-June 2019
  • Few days have marked a turning point in human history. But one of those was “D-Day”—June 6, 1944, when Allied troops broke through Adolf Hitler’s Atlantic coastal defenses to invade and liberate France, then the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany itself. The trajectory of Europe’s history was radically changed. Now, looking back 75 years later, what have we learned? Where is Europe heading today, and what does it mean for the rest of the world? In this issue we explore these topics and many more, including the transforming power of God’s Holy Spirit in the lives of believers. Download this issue in PDF. Individual articles will be posted in the upcoming days.

    Beyond Today Magazine

    D-Day +75 Years: What Should We Learn?

    May – June 2019

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    D-Day +75 Years:

    What's in this Issue

    D-Day +75 Years: What Should We Learn?

    D-Day and Divine Intervention

    Europe’s Great Divide: Which Vision Will Prevail?

    Europeans are torn between two competing paths—a bigger and more powerful European Union or individual countries having their own national control. Where is this divide leading?

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