Can You Change the World?
  • May-June 2024
  • Surveying the problems of the world around us can lead to anxiety and despair—or just resignation in the face of the sad reality of it all. Can you personally do anything about crippling inflation and national debt, massive government corruption, increasing promotion of immorality, raging wars, open border policies bringing rising crime and invading enemies, and even threats of nuclear conflagration? It doesn’t seem so. It’s important to pay attention to these things, and we do in this issue, but you’re not going to change the world today. It marches to a Satan-influenced, corrupted nature, and you yourself have not been immune. But there are things you can do to bring change to your world—your own life. It especially involves coming to know the true God, following His directives and taking on His nature through His Spirit. This will prepare you to help bring needed change to the world in the future—at the return of Jesus Christ.

    You need to read this issue of Beyond Today. We all need to know how to bring change to our own lives!

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    Can You Change The World?

    May - June 2024
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    Can You Change the World?

    What's in this Issue

    Can You Change the World?

    Much of life today seems beyond our control, with the world heading into worsening times. Each day brings news of some big event that impacts us—if not directly, at least weighing us down with serious concerns about the future. War continues in the Middle East and Ukraine. The Hamas atrocities against Israelis were shocking and horrifying. Israeli retaliation brought more scenes of suffering and death. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has ripped apart lives and threatens other European states. But what can we really do? Initial shock and prayers for peace give way to trying to get on with normal lives.

    Embrace the Change You Can Make

    Never before has there been such a seismic transformation of attitudes, morality, economies, national alliances, political ideologies, and movement of people from one nation to another. And things won’t slow down in 2024, as more than 60 nations will be electing leaders this year. Western nations face inflation, massive debt, plummeting morals, rising homelessness, political hostility, violence, “woke” indoctrination and pushes for abortion rights up to the time of birth, significantly altering societal norms. Add to this the threat of increasing war and ongoing uncontrolled immigration, particularly at the U.S. southern border, and things can seem quite grim. We address aspects of the border crisis in this issue.

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