A Biblical Worldview in a Darkening Era
  • January–February 2024
  • The world is plunging into a darkening era of societal upheaval and advancing evil. But what even defines evil? Is there a standard? Some warn of fighting in Ukraine and Israel leading to larger conflict, even a third world war. What’s ultimately going on? Where is it all heading? How can you begin to make sense of it all? What you need is the perspective of a proper worldview.

    This set of foundational beliefs acts as a filter in processing information, helping determine how to think and behave, providing a sense of direction and purpose. Is your worldview accurate? There is only one Source of truth—the God of the Bible. His Word answers the deep questions, explains underlying reality and announces what lies ahead, giving genuine hope.

    You need to read this issue of Beyond Today. You and all of us need a biblical worldview!!

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    A Biblical Worldview in a Darkening Era

    January-February 2024
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    A Biblical Worldview in a Darkening Era

    What's in this Issue

    Hell Unleashed

    The viciousness of the recent Hamas attack on Israel and its occurrence on a biblical Holy Day, like an invasion 50 years before, have biblical significance, pointing to the devil’s rage.

    A History of Conflict

    The roots of today’s conflict go back to biblical times, with seemingly intractable hatred and division (see our free study guide The Middle East in Bible Prophecy). And its current phase has been developing since early in the last century. During World War I the British government, and later the League of Nations, approved a plan for the settlement of Jews in the land of Palestine, then a part of the Ottoman Empire of the Turks. After the war, immigration of Jews to their ancient homeland began in earnest. Thousands of them came in from Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world. The Arab population there was also increasing due to immigration.

    At the same time, the world’s great powers were redrawing the lines of the Middle East in a diplomatic folly perhaps best summarized by a book on the subject titled A Peace to End All Peace (David Fromkin, 1989)

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