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Overcoming Alcoholism
  • There Is Hope!
  • Overcoming Alcoholism

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    Overcoming Alcoholism – There is Hope 

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    If you have an alcohol problem it's not easy to admit it and seek help.

    Alcohol can be an uncomfortable subject. If you know someone with a problem, confronting them with the issue or knowing how to help can be very difficult.

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    Chapter 1
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    Alcohol can be an uncomfortable subject. If you have an alcohol problem it's not easy to admit it and seek help. If you know someone with a problem, confronting them with the issue or knowing how to help can be very difficult.

    Chapter 2
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    Many would likely be surprised to find that functioning alcoholics and people who regularly abuse alcohol are today in all walks of life.

    Chapter 3
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    Whether or not you are personally facing issues surrounding alcohol abuse or earnestly want to help someone in the midst of alcohol-related issues, what can you do?

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    While the Bible is clear that the proper use of alcoholic beverages is not wrong, the act of drinking too much alcohol (drunkenness) is continually condemned in God's Word.

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    When an addict or abuser of alcohol enters into a post-drinking and/or abusing stage, they are said to be entering a new stage of recovery.

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    Thousands of years ago, God Himself offered a group of people a simple choice. They had to choose one of two ways of life.

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