A night to be much observed

A night to be much observed Written by Drew Efimov

A night to be much observed

This autumn in Australia (spring in the Northern Hemisphere) I am preparing for the upcoming Night to be Much Observed celebration.

Friends will be gathering in their homes - inviting others over for the evening to share a meal. My wife and I will be away from our home in another part of the country sharing it with friends there. It’s a time to be together and rejoice in what we have seen God do in our lives.

Based upon the instruction found in Exodus 12:42, it’s a celebration on the night after the Passover, the opening of the First Day of Unleavened Bread. It’s a start to the holy day recognising how God has guarded and preserved us.  

On it I remember what God has done for me. How I was enslaved in this world, in futility, similar to the way Israel was enslaved under the Egyptians before their release.

I remember how I was getting nowhere under my own steam spiritually. How I needed deliverance from sin and the bondage it brings. How He was watching my condition and heard my cries from the pain I was suffering spiritually and physically. He was waiting for me to recognise my need for Him and acknowledge Him. I remember how He called me with an invitation to the gospel in His time and showed me He had prepared in advance a Deliverer for me. When I had no strength, His power released me from Satan's hold. He provided me with true freedom and a hope in a future in His family - His kingdom. I remember how He preserved me. I remember the joy I felt and the hope that was now part of my future.

I will share these thoughts with the others when we get together – giving Him the glory for what He’s done in all of our lives.

We intend to make it a night of remembrance for our children as well – we will prepare for it and make it special.   It’s a celebration that teaches them about God's power, His concern and how He ‘keeps vigil’ guarding over them. We remind them of how He keeps His promises, that when they are in need, He answers and how He will help them and stands watch preserving them. I want them to make Him their hope, because He wants our children to know what He is like and that He will be there for them as well.

This is a special time of the year approaching. To all those celebrating, have a very joyful holy day season!


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