100 Years After World War 1: What Have We Learned?
  • July-August 2014
  • 100 Years After World War 1: What Have We Learned?

    The July-August 2014 edition of The Good News considers the devastating war that begun a hundred years ago can be an exercise in nostalgia and academic history. Only a few people alive today can even remember this war in their earliest memories. For we who take a moment to reflect on what happened, let's be sure to take away a lesson that helps us understand our present world: History existed before our birth, it marches on now, and decisions made by people long ago and far away continue to impact our lives today.


    Good News Magazine

    100 Years After World War 1: What Have We Learned?
    July - August 2014

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    What's in this Issue

    1. The War to End All Wars

    2. 100 Years After World War I: What Have We Learned?

    3. One Woman's Long View

    4. In Search of Peace

    5. A Soldier on the Western Front

    6. "The Horrors of All the Ages": They Didn't See It Coming

    7. What Is Armageddon?

    8. As America Retreats, a Dangerous World Emerges

    9. A Detailed Prophecy of Blessings and Curses

    10. Out of Darkness, Into the Light

    11. Is God's Temple Under Construction?

    12. Lessons From the Parables: The Fig Tree: A Lesson in the Patience and Judgment of God

    13. Follow Me... Discipleship Will Cost You - You!

    14. Mini-Bible Study: The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

    15. "Mud Buddies" - Lessons From an Obstacle Course

    16. Current Events & Trends: America losing credibility as the world's superpower

    17. Current Events & Trends: Russia cozying up to Iran and China

    18. Current Events & Trends: Moscow eyes Moldova next?

    19. Current Events & Trends: Balkan floods wash up landmines and memories

    20. Current Events & Trends: School assignment underscores growing anti-Semitism

    21. Current Events & Trends: Abortion counselor films her own abortion

    22. Questions and Answers: In the May-June issue, the article "Will I Go to Heaven When I Die?" states: "How does Jesus Himself describe death? He doesn't say that people who died immediately went to heaven or hell at death. He simply compares it to sleep."

    23. Questions and Answers: Statements in the article "Will I Go to Heaven When I Die?" in the May-June issue aren't totally accurate about going to heaven or hell at death.

    24. Letters From Our Readers - July/August 2014

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