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Following God in a selfie-centred world

Following God in a selfie-centred worldby Roger Waite

Following God in a selfie-centred world

A selfie is basically a photo that one takes of oneself and posts on social media to share with family and friends. Do you find yourself taking selfies wherever you go or of whatever you’re doing? Would you say you are caught up in the world of “selfies’? Do you think taking “selfies” would be something Jesus Christ would do if He was alive in our modern era?

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  • The Greatest Sacrifice

    The Greatest Sacrifice

    Most people are aware that Jesus Christ was crucified and died for our sins some 2,000 years ago. But why was that necessary? Why did He go through the horrible suffering He experienced? Why did He, specifically, go through this and not someone else? And what does this mean for you and me and your relationship with God? In this issue of Beyond Today magazine, we address these key questions and their revealing answers.


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