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He will dwell with you and will be your God

He will dwell with you and will be your God by Bill Bradford

He will dwell with you and will be your God

How will you fare this coming year in the world today? We need Jesus Christ to be the ruler of our lives and for Him to be present with us. Contrary to what many may think and teach, Jesus Christ is not in the world, trying to save the world at this time. As we live in world rife with danger and temptation, we need to have Him fulfil His deepest desire - to dwell with us and be our God. Is that where Jesus Christ is?

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  • The New Sexual Revolution

    The New Sexual Revolution

    Staggering changes are taking place in Western society. Standards and cultural structures that have stood for thousands of years are being dismantled. The very foundations of society—what it means to be a man, a woman, a husband, a wife, a father and a mother—are being cast away without regard for what will replace them. God’s very design for human societies—with a man and a woman united in marriage to have children—is being deliberately destroyed. Who and what is behind this? Why is it happening? What is God’s purpose for sex, marriage and family? You need to understand what’s taking place and why! Discover the answers in this issue of Beyond Today.