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Following God in a selfie-centred world

Following God in a selfie-centred world by Roger Waite

Following God in a selfie-centred world

A selfie is basically a photo that one takes of oneself and posts on social media to share with family and friends. Do you find yourself taking selfies wherever you go or of whatever you’re doing? Would you say you are caught up in the world of “selfies’? Do you think taking “selfies” would be something Jesus Christ would do if He was alive in our modern era?

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  • The Silent Epidemic

    The Silent Epidemic

    For the last year the world has dealt with the scourge of Covid-19, a disease that has dominated the headlines as well as our individual lives. Yet a far deadlier plague infects our world, exacting a far greater death toll and ruining far more lives. That plague is abortion—the deliberate killing of the unborn in some the most horrifying ways imaginable. How does God—the giver of life—view this taking of the most innocent of life? How does abortion affect those who have one? You need to understand the biblical perspective on these important questions, and you’ll find answers in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today.