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Following God in a selfie-centred world

Following God in a selfie-centred world by Roger Waite

Following God in a selfie-centred world

A selfie is basically a photo that one takes of oneself and posts on social media to share with family and friends. Do you find yourself taking selfies wherever you go or of whatever you’re doing? Would you say you are caught up in the world of “selfies’? Do you think taking “selfies” would be something Jesus Christ would do if He was alive in our modern era?

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  • The Conspiracy to Cancel God

    The Conspiracy to Cancel God

    We’re seeing a seismic shift in modern society. Western civilisation that was built on belief in God and the Bible as His Word is fundamentally changing. God, His values and His commandments are being canceled from people’s lives. Governments, courts, businesses and technology are actively silencing God from public and private life.

    How and why is this happening? What’s behind this? Does it have any implications for prophesied end-time events? It’s crucial for your life that you understand the answers! Learn about all this and other key topics in this issue of Beyond Today.