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  • God's Messengers and Spirit Army
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    Angels: God's Messengers and Spirit Army

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    This study guide examines some of the interesting and profound verses that give insight into these invisible servants of God, who serve “those who will inherit salvation”.

    Angels impact the world in ways we can’t begin to imagine. Angels can also affect your life. The Scriptures have much to tell us on this fascinating subject.

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    • Does God Exist?

      Does God Exist?


      Is this life all there is, or is there something more? If there is something more, how should awareness of that something impact your life? Why are we here? Is there a purpose for our lives? What is our destiny, and is that destiny inextricably linked with the existence of God? We can find the answers to these questions.

    • Heaven & Hell

      Heaven & Hell


      Vast numbers of the world's population down through the ages have never had the opportunity to genuinely repent and accept Christ simply because of where they live. Would it be just and right for God to subject them to the same punishment He will give to those who reject Him and make themselves His enemies?

      Join us on a journey through the pages of history and your Bible.

    • Is There Really a Devil?

      Is There Really a Devil?


      The Bible reveals much about an unseen power that works behind the scenes, shaping our world to its will and agenda. Are you being taken in?
      In this study guide you will discover the real source behind so many of the world's problems. Learn about the being who is determined to bend your thinking to his own. — "My kingdom is not of this world" (John 18:36).

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    • Jason

      03 December 2021 at 08:01 | #

      Praise God for All of the great work you do for His Kingdom sake!!
      Hallelujah to the King:)


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    • What If Sodom Has Been Found?

      What If Sodom Has Been Found?

      The scientific field of archaeology has not only confirmed the existence of many people and places mentioned in the Bible, it has also proven the Bible to be correct in many details large and small. A recent scientific analysis of 15 seasons of excavation at a site in the Jordan Valley appears to be stunning verification of one of the Bible’s most remarkable stories— the sudden and catastrophic destruction of Sodom as punishment for its heinous sins. This issue covers that remarkable story and what we should learn from it. It also shows how other evidence from archaeology shows that the Bible is indeed an accurate and trustworthy historical document—a book we can and must believe! Read about this and other fascinating topics in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today.