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Is God a Trinity?

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Is God a Trinity?

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Is God a Trinity?

Scripture clearly describes a God who is called the Father, Jesus Christ who is called the Son of God, and a divine Holy Spirit.

The belief that these three exist as a trinity was developed centuries after the death of Christ, and has became one of mainstream Christianity’s most widely accepted doctrines.

The Bible, however, reveals problems with this view which obscures the amazing purpose God has for humanity. Let’s examine the Scriptures and find out what the Bible actually says.

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Customer Feedback (3)

  • Maud Crossing

    11 June 2014 at 21:17 | #

    "I have yet to hear any theologian, any Christian, any person of any faith or of none, satisfactorily explain the Doctrine of the Trinity. There is nothing in the scriptures to back up such teachings; it makes one wonder whether the whole concept is pure nonsense."
    ~ Nellie G Noblett, (1905-1980) ~


  • Stephen O'Dea

    28 April 2015 at 13:31 | #

    Hear oh Israel! YHWH is God! YHWH is one!
    That pretty well sums it up, yes?
    Nice article though, it builds upon this nicely. How will Israel ever come to know Yahweh embodied as Y'shua (Jesus) if we repeal them with this trinity nonsense?


  • Rod

    23 October 2021 at 14:43 | #

    Thank you for helpful info
    It has helped me


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