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When demons are real

UCG IA Bible Insights April 21 2022

When demons are real

Many believe that demons and Satan do not exist, but is there a spirit power behind the evil in our world today?

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Did God create the Devil?

UCGia Bible Insights April 25 2019

Did God create the Devil?

Many Christians wonder if God created a being as evil as Satan. The Bible reveals the answer to this question.

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Is the spirit world real?

UCGia Bible Insights November 28 2019

Is the spirit world real?

As followers of Jesus Christ, what should our perspective be towards the reality of the spirit world and its influence in our lives?
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UCGia Bible Insights July 4 2019

Angels and you

Many of us have an incorrect view of angels and some even pray to angels. What can we glean from our Bibles about angels and how we should relate to them?

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