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Articles tagged with: Relationships

Valentine's Day - February 14
Inset: 'Lupercalia' by Andrea Camassei [Public domain,]

UCGia Bible Insights February 6 2020

Valentine's Day - February 14

Discover the history of the observance of Valentine's Day and determine if it is really a Christian celebration.
Read 4:30
Sex and the Bible

UCGia Bible Insights June 13 2019

Sex and the Bible

We live in a promiscuous society where confusion and misinformation about sex is rife and biblical instruction on the subject is ignored and ridiculed.
Read 11:00
Sex and the young christian

UCGia Bible Insights September 19 2019

Sex and the young christian

Sex sells and many young Christians are giving into society’s pressures, but what does the One who created sex have to say on the matter?
Read 6:00
Living Together: What you aren't being told?

UCGia Bible Insights May 2 2019

Living Together: What you aren't being told?

Millions of people are choosing to live together outside of marriage, thinking it ensures a greater chance of happiness and a stable relationship.

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