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James - Jesus' half brother

UCGia Bible Insights May 23 2019

James - Jesus' half brother

James, the half brother of Jesus Christ, became a loyal believer and follower of the Messiah after His resurrection and is the author of the book of James in the Bible.

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From harlot to heroine

UCGia Bible Insights March 28 2019

From harlot to heroine

We can learn a powerful lesson from Rahab. Her example demonstrates living faith in a forgiving and merciful God.

The day the world ended

UCGia Bible Insights April 11 2019

The day the world ended

The sudden destruction of the ancient city of Pompeii is a reminder of the fragility and fleetingness of existence. An entire city and its population was wiped out in one afternoon and centuries later there are still lessons we can learn from this calamity.

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