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UCGia Bible Insights Thursday, April 04 2019

Something better than Easter

Easter is a popular annual holiday and is also regarded as an important religious observance by most Christian churches.

If we look back into history, one key date relating to the Easter celebrations is 325 A.D. This was the year the Roman emperor, Constantine, held an assembly with some 250 bishops, which became known as the Council of Nicaea. At that meeting the majority of the bishops voted to replace the observance of Passover with the celebration of Easter.

A bitter and enduring dispute then arose over the matter and came to be referred to Paschal Controversy.

This misguided decision by Constantine to exert state authority over a very compromised Church also resulted in the adoption of the Roman Calendar to determine the dates for religious observance. Those bishops who did not agree with the decision were exiled and persecuted as “heretics.”

So from approximately 325 to 1585, a period of 1,260 years, Christians who continued to observe Passover, instead of Easter, were forced to worship in secret. They believed only the Bible, as the inspired Word of God, should determine which days are God’s Holy Days and when they are to be observed—not man-made traditions that are often intertwined with ancient pagan traditions.

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