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Jerold Aust, UCGia Bible Insights Friday, March 15 2019

A world held captive

Many who believe in God have asked themselves how a perfectly good and all-powerful Creator could allow such evil and suffering in the world. Some have even lost their faith in God because they have been unable to answer this question.

A world held captive
The world as a whole will soon be released by Jesus Christ from Satan's captivity.

Have you ever wondered why an all powerful and all knowing God couldn’t have created a world without evil?  The record of human existence is largely a chronicle of war after war. Even popular entertainment is often filled with violence and debauchery!

The Bible tells us that God’s initial creation was "very good" (Genesis 1:31). Adam and Eve had the opportunity of living in a beautiful garden planned for them by God Himself.  

So what happened?  How could the first humans have made such an obvious mistake and be deceived by Satan’s enticements?

Right from the beginning human beings have tended to see God as restricting their freedoms and the right to choose what they wanted to do with their lives -- and this is still true today.

Our Bibles reveals that not only human beings fell for Satan’s lies and seductions. We are told that before God created Adam and Eve and set them in the Garden of Eden, Satan convinced a third of the millions of angels to rebel with him against God in an attempt to overthrow Him.

But where did the Satan come from? How did such a creature come to be? Did God purposefully create an evil being? The Bible reveals the answers to these questions. They can help us understand why Satan really is the enemy of mankind.