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* Beyond Today will air at 6:30am Sundays as of 30th December 2019. 

The following programs are scheduled to air on 9GEM.
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9GEM Schedule

Angels: God's Messengers and Spirit Army

Angels impact the world in ways we can’t begin to imagine. Angels also affect your life. Find out what the Bible says.

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Mideast Family Feud

Sometimes families fight, but this family clash threatens world stability. Learn why.

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When Was Jesus Born?

Did His birth occur on December 25th? Can we even know when Christ was born? And, should we really be celebrating His birth?

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Kingdoms At War: The Man Who Would Be God

Bible prophecy tells of a time when a world leader will claim to be God. How can this be true?

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Why Europe Matters: Ancient Roots

Bible prophecy explains how Europe will once again be at the core of startling future world events.

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When God Remembers the Dead

What happens when a non-believer dies? Discover what the Bible says about God’s plan for all who have ever lived.

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