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Beyond Today back on Australian TV

Beyond Today is the official television program of the United Church of God, An International Association.
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We are pleased to announce that as of Sunday 18th September 2016, Beyond Today has returned to free-to-air television at the standard time throughout Australia of 7:30am Sunday morning on 9GEM. Prior to this, the program had not been aired on free-to-air television in Australia since channel 4ME ended transmission at the end of April, 2016.


We are excited about the new time, so please be sure to tell your friends and families.

We live in a world focused on the now, but what about the future? How will our actions today affect tomorrow? Beyond Today looks beyond the now and focuses on the hope of the gospel of God's soon-coming kingdom. Each program will help you grasp the gospel's relevance to your life today, and how it will determine your tomorrow.

beyond-today-programJoin us as we explore a variety of thought-provoking topics, showing how the Bible is an always relevant, revealing guide to every aspect of life. In each program, we will help you look beyond the headlines to discover how the Scriptures shed light on the major issues of our day and beyond.

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Learn the surprising truth about important biblical topics. Get honest answers to challenging biblical questions. Discover how to apply time-tested biblical principles—principles that will help you understand and cope with the many problems we all have to face.

BT Daily

'BT Daily' is a daily video blog from the Beyond Today presenters.


Kingdoms At War: The Mystery Of The Fourth Beast

Bible prophecy explains that in the days before Jesus Christ's return a global superpower will arise

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A Prophet, a President and a People

Even while we trust in armies for our security, God is our true refuge and the source of all our blessings.

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The Benefits of the Sabbath

How we worship God is important. Could celebrating the Sabbath Jesus observed from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset have significance?

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What Is Hell?

Many Christians believe hell is eternal torture and agony. But the Bible doesn’t teach this!

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Create In Me A Clean Heart

King David’s repentance is recorded in scripture as encouragement for all who desire to turn to God for forgiveness.

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Christ Our Passover

Referring to Christians, the apostle Paul said that Jesus is “our Passover”. What critical meaning should this have for you?

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'Beyond Today' TV

Beyond Today is the official television program of the United Church of God, An International Association. The program airs each Sunday morning at 7:30am on 9GEM TV throughout Australia.

Beyond Today episodes are also available for viewing online here.

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