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Join the Beyond Today team as they explore thought-provoking topics, showing the Bible is a relevant guide to every aspect of life. Each program looks beyond the headlines to discover how Scriptures shed light on major issues of our day and beyond.

Why did Christ teach this? Discover how it has everything to do with your astounding future potential.

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Did Luther’s religious revolt restore the Bible as the source of truth or are aspects still missing?

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100 Years of Communism: The Failed Revolution

100 Years of Communism: The Failed Revolution

November–December 2017

A century ago the Russian revolution toppled Czar Nicholas II and led to a communist takeover of the Russian Empire. How did that revolution come about? What was it like for the people who lived under the communist system? What were the results of this misguided experiment to create a human utopia without God? And why is it so hard to create a human government that really works? Find out the answers to these questions in this issue!

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As human beings we are incomplete

As human beings we are incomplete

Many self-help advisors claim that ‘Everything you need is already within you’. But is this really true? What does the Word of God - the Bible - have to say?

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Trick or treat .... Is It harmless?

Trick or treat .... Is It harmless?

Australians are indeed embracing Halloween in greater numbers and spending more money on this festival. Halloween decorations are more readily available in the shops and online and people are embracing this festivity with greater enthusiasm.

It all looks like so much fun and seems so harmless.

But is Halloween really harmless?

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Increase your Bible knowledge with our online Bible Commentary. Designed to help you organise your personal study of the Old Testament, each chapter is considered in its historical and textual context to bring out the purpose and meaning of the inspired Word of God. Bible CommentaryUnderstand the Bible like never before, and enrich your Daily Bible Reading program!

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  • What is Christian Conversion?

    What is Christian Conversion?

    [Bible Lesson 8]  In this lesson we examine the process by which our lives can be turned —  from a life of sin to become servants of the living God. It is called Conversion.


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