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  • Laws of the Clean & Unclean
    Why the Biblical Laws of the
    'Clean & Unclean'?
    Mark RobertsonWhat relevance have these ancient laws in our time?
    Mark Robertson examines God's purpose and meaning for the Bible's 'clean & unclean' laws.
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    Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

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  • What is Jesus Doing Now?
    What is
    Jesus Christ
    doing now? Peter EddingtonJesus will return to rule the earth as King of kings. What is to be accomplished?
    Peter Eddington examines this important theme.
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    How do the Biblical
    reveal your destiny? Free Study Guide God’s plan and purpose is rehearsed in His commanded weekly and annual Sabbaths. Read the wonderful truth in our free study guide. Read now...

Beyond Today

Join the Beyond Today team as they explore thought-provoking topics, showing the Bible is a relevant guide to every aspect of life. Each program looks beyond the headlines to discover how Scriptures shed light on major issues of our day and beyond.

Bible prophecy tells of a time when a world leader will claim to be God. How can this be true?

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Are there hidden, spiritual forces influencing world events? Why is there so much suffering?

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Did Jesus Christ Really Exist?

Did Jesus Christ Really Exist?

November–December 2016

Did Jesus Christ really exist? Are the stories written about Him in the Bible true? Much as some don’t want to hear it, the historical evidence is compelling and conclusive. And if He did exist, who was He, really? Can we believe His shocking claims about His true identity? Discover the answers in this issue—and they have huge implications for your life! Subscribe, read online, or download this issue in PDF.

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Many assume the Bible says things it actually doesn't. Our quick Bible Quizes will challenge popular assumptions and beliefs. See how your Bible knowledge stacks up!

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Only one book gives us the answers to life's crucial questions: Why are we here? Where is the world headed? What does the future hold?

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Featured Sermon

What is Jesus Christ Doing Now?

Peter Eddington examines the Scriptures for understanding the many roles the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, is doing today.


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The decline of modern day Israel

The decline of modern day Israel

The peoples of the United States of America have cast their votes and a President Elect has been decided. What will be the ramifications of this presidential choice on the United States of America and the world?

Are you aware that scripture clearly speaks of the blessings and responsibilities of the 21st century descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob according to God’s promises, and what part they will play in prophetic future events?

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It’s a beautiful thing!

It’s a beautiful thing!

What is it like being a Christian? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Or as a Christian have you been asked such a question? What’s the answer? I think the title of this blog gives that away!

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