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Beyond Today

Join the Beyond Today team as they explore thought-provoking topics, showing the Bible is a relevant guide to every aspect of life. Each program looks beyond the headlines to discover how Scriptures shed light on major issues of our day and beyond.

How does the Holy Spirit work in a Christian’s life? Is it by perceptions, visions or other means? You need to know.

Why is there so much suffering and evil? God reveals the answer in the pages of your Bible.

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What Is Real Leadership?

What Is Real Leadership?

September–October 2016

Our world desperately needs real leadership! Why is it so hard to find? One reason is that we fail to understand what the Bible reveals is at the heart of true leadership. The time is coming when the world will experience the right kind of leadership—as exemplified by Jesus Christ Himself!

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Only one book gives us the answers to life's crucial questions: Why are we here? Where is the world headed? What does the future hold?

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The Mystery of Godliness

Doug Gray examines the Scriptures that inform our knowledge about God, and considers the history of popular ideas that aren't so biblical.


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It’s a beautiful thing!

It’s a beautiful thing!

What is it like being a Christian? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Or as a Christian have you been asked such a question? What’s the answer? I think the title of this blog gives that away!

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A shadow of things to come

A shadow of things to come

Are you amongst those who are genuinely seeking the truth or a church that is teaching the true beliefs of the Bible? Have you been challenged regarding the origin of christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter? You may have heard or read that these festivals were introduced into christian worship in Rome around the 4th century AD. Given their late establishment, this obviously meant that neither Jesus nor any of the apostles kept these days.

If so, then what days did they keep as festivals? What are the Festivals of God?

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