sermonsThe audio sermons featured below are generally from United Church of God - Australia, and represent a growing sample of sermons delivered during the weekly Sabbath Service or at annual festivals.

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The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness by Stephen Clark

We have various tools in our spiritual tool kit. However, there is one that in reality is the most powerful. The challenge is: Are we using it?

Are we availing ourselves of one of God's greatest gifts to us, and in the process, growing and edifying our relationships by utilising this same gift? The Father is reconciling us to Himself through the shed blood of Jesus. He is making peace with us. How much peace are we prepared to make?

Why the Church?

Why the Church? by Bill Eddington

In Matthew 16:18 Christ declared I will build My church. And He went on to state that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. Where and what is the Church Christ built? Who is a part of it?

Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing by Bill Bradford

Pastor Bill Bradford speaks in Brisbane on Anzac Day, 2015.  On war, its repercussions and affects in the lives of those involved. Mr Bradford discusses PTSD, strained and abusive relationships, and the need for God's help to move forward to healing.

The Leaven of Hypocrisy

The Leaven of Hypocrisy by Stephen Clark

We have a significant dislike for hypocrisy. Yet, could we be guilty of this sin in ways we don't recognise? Could we have allowed "a piece of furniture" to remain in our house that is wholly inconsistent with the other Godly furnishings? Could we even find ourselves, much like the Pharisees, staunchly defending this "piece of furniture" that in truth does not belong at all? Is there leaven that we don't recognise anymore?

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Spirit of Complacency

Spirit of Complacency by Bill Eddington

Does the Australian "man in the street" really understand what is going on beyond the shores of this relatively peaceful country? Our time is being compared by knowledgeable people and historians to the 1930s, the years that led up to the most devastating conflict in human history - World War 2. Unfortunately many people in Australia and similar countries are woefully unaware of those similarities and the significant events taking place around the world, particularly in Europe and the Middle East. Consequently a spirit of complacency is developing that could have dire consequences.

We need to carefully watch what is happening around the world from a biblical perspective, and pray that we don't become victims of the same spirit of complacency.

How Should God's Prophecies Affect You?

How Should God's Prophecies Affect You? by Bill Bradford

Bible prophecy has gotten a bad name, but not because it's untrue. The Bible is true and God's prophetic utterances are always true. The problem is how it's been understood and how some people tend to use Bible prophecy. It's  important to understand Bible prophecy and apply Bible prophecy correctly.

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Where Do You Live?

Where Do You Live? by Bill Bradford

Bill Bradford takes a spiritual look at where we should be living.

Why Do We Fast?

Why Do We Fast? by Bill Bradford

People in the Bible fasted in order to seek God's will and direction in their lives at certain crisis points.

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The One Who Died for Our Sins, Was He Truly God?

The One Who Died for Our Sins, Was He Truly God? by Reg Wright

Various beliefs abound about the pre-existence of Jesus Christ. Did He come into existence at His human birth? Has He always existed? In this pre-Passover sermon, Reg Wright examines the Scriptures on this subject to establish a clear biblical reference for our understanding of who Jesus was, and is.

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The Firstfruits in Prophecy

The Firstfruits in Prophecy by Bill Bradford

The Day of Pentecost, is also called 'The Feast of Firstfruits". Why does God, in His Plan, have "firstfruits"? What does it mean to be among the firstfruits?

Do Our Prayers Go Unanswered?

Do Our Prayers Go Unanswered? by Bill Bradford
Pastor, Brisbane

Do you feel God is answering your prayers? Perhaps you have been asking God for help or relief and God seems as distant as ever. But is this true? Would a loving God turn his back on a sincere request? This sermon addresses this issue which concerns all Christians at one time or another.

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Baptism by Bill Bradford

When we are baptised we enter into a covenant, an exceedingly serious commitment, spoken of by Christ and carried out throughout His Church. Many churches teach baptism in various forms, but how did Christ practise and explain it? At baptism what exactly did we say? What did we mean? What did we do? After baptism are we saved? Why are we immersed in water?

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Holy Days

Holy Days by Bill Eddington

Holy Days — Such days must surely be just for the Jews, is a common conclusion. But - is it a correct one? "These are My feasts", proclaims God, in Leviticus 23:2, you shall observe them.

Why did God institute these Holy Days? What is their relevance to a Christian community whose major festivals are Christmas and Easter?

Speaking In Tongues

Speaking In Tongues by Reg Wright

This subject of "speaking in tongues" has caused considerable discussion and controversy within the Christian community, with some embracing the phenomenon wholeheartedly, and others strongly opposing it. Some churches emphasise this practice and teach that Christians should hope and pray for the experience of speaking in tongues. Other churches do not encourage speaking in tongues, and some even forbid it.

What does the Bible say about this subject of "speaking in tongues?"

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Relationship with Christ Through the Passover

Relationship with Christ Through the Passover by Bill Bradford

Bill Bradford talks about the relationship we have with Christ through the Passover, and also examines what the Bible says about the Trinity.

The Holy Spirit as Living Water in Our Lives

The Holy Spirit as Living Water in Our Lives by Reg Wright

Reg Wright speaks about the practical reality of the Holy Spirit, and what it means for us.

Saved by Grace?

Saved by Grace? by Bill Bradford

Are we saved by grace? Do we understand the grace of God? Do we respond correctly to God's grace? Where do works and the keeping of God's Law fit in with His grace? Eph 2:8-10 For by grace you have been is the gift of God, not of works... For we are His workmanship.

Does the Devil Have a Place?

Does the Devil Have a Place? by Bill Bradford

Satan the devil is alive and well? When God created angels, He created them with the power of free choice, with the potential for any of them to choose the alternative to God's way of life - the way of evil. In time, one of the angelic beings — an enormously powerful spirit being — explored the alternative way of life and he finally chose the way of self importance, rather than God's way of love and outgoing concern for others. He, and a multitude of angels who followed him, became the enemy of God and humanity. Find out why he is still here...

The Story Of Satan (#1)

The Story Of Satan (#1) by Reg Wright

Does the Devil really exist or, is he a figure of myth and superstition? You need to know what God says about the existence of evil! The Bible does address this issue and reveals much about an unseen power that works behind the scenes, shaping our world to its will and agenda. Are you being taken in?

Find out the answers to the following questions: —Why does so much conflict, violence and down right evil permeate our societies? —Did God create a Devil and why does He allow such evil in the world? —Is the whole world deceived by Satan or, are there exceptions?—What is Satan's primary goal and how can you resist his influence?

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The Story Of Satan (#2)

The Story Of Satan (#2) by Reg Wright

There is coming a time when Satan will never again be able to influence the human race, or the family of God, or the angelic host. Satan's power and influence will end. Jesus Christ will rule. This is the really good news pictured by the Day of Atonement, one of God's seven annual holy days.

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The Eighth Day

The Eighth Day by Trevor Huthnance

Trevor Huthnance explores the meaning of the final day of God's Holy Day plan, also known as the Day of Judgement.

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Living Honestly With God

Living Honestly With God by Bill Bradford

Studying God's Word in sincerity helps us to discern our own thoughts and intents. (God already knows them - we cannot deceive God!) To come boldly before God, we must be honest with Him. Pretence before God is not a good basis for a relationship. We need to emulate David's prayer and his intent as recorded in Psalm 139:23-24 Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me... We cannot be honest with God unless we are honest with ourselves.

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The Sadducees

The Sadducees by Mark Robertson

Why didn't the Sadducees believe in a resurrection? History tells us that the Sadducees were a small group of the highest echelons of society at the time of Jesus Christ. They are not that well known, are not mentioned in the Bible very much and disappeared from history after the destruction of the temple in 70AD.

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Working Righteousness

Working Righteousness by Paul Vaughan

Paul Vaughan speaks about being a 'worker' or 'righteousness', what that means, and why it's of central importance to anyone who wants to share a personal relationship with God.

Story of Ruth and Boaz

Story of Ruth and Boaz by Trevor Huthnance

Mr Huthnance speaks of the relationship between Ruth and Boaz and the parallels and lessons we can learn.

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Fasting by Matthew Sieff

Matt Sieff speaks in Sydney about the spiritual tool of fasting, a practice aimed to build a deeper relationship with God.

Priorities in Life (The 1st Commandment)

Priorities in Life (The 1st Commandment) by Matthew Sieff

Matt Sieff speaks in Brisbane about the importance of the First Commandment.

This is My Blood Shed for You

This is My Blood Shed for You by Bill Bradford

A sermon considering the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf.

Is God a Trinity?

Is God a Trinity? by Reg Wright

The doctrine of the trinity has wide acceptance through the general Christian world and we can conclude that, as this doctrine is reported to have a significant bearing on our faith, it must be supported by well-documented easy-to-understand Scriptures.

Yet the majority of Christians who believe in this doctrine find it hard to understand, and even more difficult to explain.

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Why I Attend Church

Why I Attend Church by Reg Wright

Jesus said, I will build My Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. But what is His Church? It means the group, or body of people who have been called out by God and form an assembly of believers. This assembly of believers is the Church -- which Christ said He would build. It is within the Church that you can be moulded and shaped by Christ - to be fit and ready for service when He returns.

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Righteous Judgement

Righteous Judgement by Mark Robertson

Many have misunderstood what Jesus said and have decided to apply justice, mercy and faith without law. People think the law is done away with, but you can still have justice, mercy and faith. But that doesn't make sense. How can you apply justice, which is a legal term, if there is no law? How can you apply mercy when there is no reference point?

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The Amazing Story of Christ's Birth

The Amazing Story of Christ's Birth by Reg Wright

Millions of people the world over will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th, one of the busiest celebrations in the Christian world. It is traditional to go to church on Christmas day, or perhaps the evening before. For the Christian world in general Christmas is one the most important events in its religious calendar. For members of the Church of God it is exactly the opposite. Why is this so?

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