The Gospel of the Kingdom

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The Gospel of the Kingdom

Almost 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth prophesying a wonderful future for humanity after an intense period of earth-shaking calamities. His message, called 'the gospel', means 'good news'— the very good news the world desperately needs.

But what exactly is this good news (gospel) Jesus Christ preached? Is it only a wonderful story about Jesus Christ's birth, life, activities, death and resurrection? Certainly these are an integral part of the good news of God's plan for humanity (Mark 1:1). But there is so much more to His message!

The deeper and vastly more encompassing message Jesus taught is rarely heard. It is most certainly good news - the most wonderful news this tired, troubled world can hear.  It involves current news and affairs, history and prophecy, law, grace and hope for all mankind. It touches life and death, earth, heaven and beyond.

You need to know and understand what Jesus said!

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What's Inside....

Introduction - The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

The gospel of the Kingdom of God is the message Jesus Christ instructs His followers to believe.

The Good News of the Kingdom of God

The theme of Jesus Christ's gospel message was the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Other Names For the Kingdom

Most often called the Kingdom of God, occasionally other terms are used in describing the Kingdom.

Are There Different Gospels?

Scripture occasionally calls the gospel by names other than the gospel of the kingdom of God. For instance, the Bible speaks of the gospel of Christ and the gospel of God.

The Promise of a Coming Kingdom

Jesus Christ and the apostles preached the gospel, the good news of the Kingdom of God. But exactly what is that Kingdom?

Is the Kingdom Here Now?

Jesus Christ made it plain that the Kingdom of God was not here yet.

Is the Kingdom Within You?

Many people believe Jesus Christ taught that the Kingdom of God is something that exists only in the hearts and minds of believers. Such assumptions are incorrect for several reasons.

Is the Church the Kingdom?

The Bible never uses the term kingdom to apply directly to the Church.

How Are We 'Translated Into the Kingdom'?

Colossians 1:13Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:
See All... describes physical saints as already having been translated into the Kingdom.

How is the Kingdom At Hand?

Jesus Christ's message was that people should repent, believe the good news that He brought and put that message into action, changing their lives to reflect their belief and commitment.

The Ruler of a Kingdom of Spiritual Darkness

The sad fact remains that this is not God's world.

Prophecies of the Coming Kingdom of God

Prophecies about the marvelous world God has planned for us, the Kingdom of God.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Salvation in the Kingdom

Eternal life in the Kingdom of God was made possible by Jesus Christ's sacrifice.

Was Jesus Christ the Messiah?

What was Jesus Christ's purpose? Why did He come to earth? Why will He come again?

How You Can Enter the Kingdom

Do you know how to enter the Kingdom of God?

Why Don't People Understand the Kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God was a central part of Jesus Christ's message and thus a major theme of the Bible. So why is it so rarely understood, and why isn't it commonly taught today?

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